Recruitment is one of the most important and challenging recurring events for JEBV!

Every spring and autumn, the HR area and the Marketing and Communication area collaborate, under the guidance of the recruitment project manager, to the various phases that this event provides.

The Marketing area is committed to advertising on social networks the opening of the selection period, so that all students can become aware of the start of recruitment.

You will also be able to attend classroom presentations, which take place during lectures thanks to the professors who kindly grant us a few minutes of their time to present JEBV to the students, announce the opening of the selections and provide the contacts to whom the curricula can be sent.

Some tricks for the curriculum:

• Don’t worry if you are a beginner and you don’t know how to fill it, use any experience that can make us understand who you are and what you can give.

• Remember to send it in .pdf format.

• Get used to not using the Europass format … be creative!

Once the CVs have been collected, the members of the HR area will examine them carefully and will contact those who are most likely to take the interview.

The candidates contacted will be called to support the group and individual interview. This phase also lends itself to being used by the candidate as a time to collect further and missing information on JEBV.

At the interview remember to:

• Be on time.

• Be prepared … about yourself!

It seems obvious, but not everyone has in mind how to present themselves, and in order not to fall into improvisation, it is good to prepare oneself in the best way in order to make a good impression. We don’t know you, and the only means we have to do it is the story you tell about yourself.

After a few days and careful consideration by all the members of the HR area, the most successful candidates will be notified of the positive outcome.

Once the trial period has come to an end, students will have the opportunity to become full-fledged members of JEBV.


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